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If suit cannot be followed, then you must trump the trick and play a higher trump than any so far played to the trick. If you wish to exchange you must notify your opponent by Tute 3 your trump two or seven under the face-up trump. The object is to take most or least points, avoiding coming in the middle.

When declaring a 20 you also mention the suit - for example "20 in cups" veinte en copas. If possible, the other players must follow suit - that is, Tute 3 a card of the same suit that was led. The last card of the pack, which belongs to the dealer, is turned face up, and the suit of this card is trumps.

If, however, you can Tute 3 follow suit nor play a higher trump, you may play any card. The cards Only 36 cards are used - the twos from the 40 card Tute 3 are set aside.

It is then possible that both partners will sing after the same trick, but each player can only sing one 20 or 40 at a time.

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These points are calculated as the sum of card values in baza, bonus points for declarations and the final trick bonus. In a game with more than three players, in the second and subsequent hands, the last card dealt to the mano is turned face up and its suit is trumps.

The remaining rules and the scoring are the same as when playing with partners, except that each of the players counts their points separately and the player who has most wins. Tute arrastrado This is a game for three players, though often four play with the dealer sitting out of each hand.

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It is also possible to sing a 40 or 20 after winning a trick if one has the king and horse of a suit in hand - though clearly this would only be done by a player aiming to take or more points.

The player to dealer's right leads and the cards are played out under the usual rules. When there are six players, the dealer deals 8 cards to each of the other five players.

If immediately after winning a trick you hold 4 kings or 4 horses a tute you can sing them and win the game. When there are no stock cards left, the play continues as before except that the second player to each trick is obliged to follow suit and to beat the led card if possible, and if holding no card of the suit led to play a trump if possible.

If it is higher than 7, it can be exchanged for the trump 7; if it is a 7, 6, 5 or 4 it can be exchanged for the trump 2. If, however, you can neither follow suit nor play a higher trump, you may play any card. At Tute 3 end of the play, each player counts their points won for cards, singing, and the last trick.

If you play for the pot and succeed in taking or more points then you win chips from each opponent and take the pot. If all three players pass, the hands are thrown in and there is a fresh deal. During the first part of the game, while there are cards in the stock, if a trump is led you must play a trump but need not overtake the lead.

The objective is either to avoid winning any tricks, or if you do take tricks, to have either the highest or the lowest total of card points. If the soloist's bid was points or more the payment for the bid won or lost is doubled.

The fourth player likewise plays a card following these same rules. Last version of Tute is 1. Only one declaration may be made at a time. The rules of trick taking are as follows: Six cards are dealt to each player, and the thirteenth card is placed face up on the table and determines the trump suit.

The winner is the first player to score or more points. Variations Some play that the minimum bid is 50 or 70, rather than On the other hand, if you are unable to beat the best card in the trick, you have no obligation except to follow suit.

To win the pot you have to announce before the play begins that you will win at least points on the hand. the jacks are worth 3 and the horses are worth 2; you can sing a 40 or 20 if you have a king and a jack (not a king and a horse); There are some other differences: The "tute" combination of 4 equal cards is not valid.

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Tute 3
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