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Absence on leave at the time of separation or retirement without the necessity of return to the separation site, if this is desired, should be granted when requested in order to preclude the loss of leave and to minimize accrued leave.

In those instances where the serologic test for syphilis is performed immediately prior to the start of authorized leave, the Marine must be verbally counseled and advised in writing of the possibility of developing venereal disease during the period between serologic testing and separation, of the need for follow-up blood testing, of the necessity for medical care in the event symptoms of venereal disease develop and, in general terms, of the sources of medical care available up to the actual separation from the Marine Corps.

These requests are normally submitted from 1 October through 31 December for the previous fiscal year.

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The time spent in emergency leave travel via DoD-owned or DoD-controlled transportation or government-procured commercial carrier from overseas to CONUS arrival port of debarkation; from CONUS arrival port of embarkation to overseas; or between overseas areas and return, shall not be charged to the Marine's leave account.

Emergency leave and extensions thereto should normally be granted to Marines for family emergencies, whenever the circumstances warrant and the military situation permits, based on the judgment of the leave granting authority and the desires of the Marine.

While liberty is permission to leave the duty station, it does not include permission to leave the general vicinity of the post or station. Liberty passes may be used to control the authorized absence, other than leave or administrative absence, of Marines below the grade of corporal when, in the judgment of the commander or the senior officer in the chain of command, it is deemed necessary for security, operational, or other overriding circumstances.

A six-month visa may be granted to citizens of Australia which can be extended twice and once for citizens of New Zealand and Canada. Any enlisted Marine on annual leave or in a delay status may be recommended for a single 5-day extension of leave or 4-day special liberty to be utilized at a later date under the provisions of this Manual.

Death of a Marine. There are no restriction for applicants status non-students. Commanders, upon request, may grant leave up to the extent of accrued leave. Indefinite periods of excess leave may be granted by officers exercising general or special court-martial jurisdiction only to personnel awaiting appellate review of sentence to dismissal or punitive discharge, and to personnel awaiting administrative discharge as provided in PARAGRAPH Marines are reminded to report immediately to the nearest U.

Marines allowed to take terminal leave are carried in a chargeable status and replacements will not be provided during the leave period. Factors preventing use of earned leave while not deployed Number of days lost at end of the fiscal year e.

Application for transportation for dependents DD form is not required for dependent family emergency travel. If leave without return to the separation site is desired and granted, all possible preseparation counseling and administrative processing should be accomplished prior to the Marine's departure on leave.

Randomization, which began in February and ended in Januarywas stratified on five-year age groups. In that event, the entire absence will be charged as leave. Liberty periods shall not be effective in succession or used in series through recommitment immediately after return to duty.

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IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING. SUMMARY: This Instruction reissues and cancels DoD M, "Civilian Personnel Manual," and is composed of several volumes, each containing its own purpose.

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Ch 10 whs
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