Abortion revision notes


Humanist Dipper supports abortion by suggesting that: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child says that children need protection both before and after birth. It may be kinder for that child not to be born. One type of thinking would say that the commandments say, "Thou shall not steal"; so you should not steal.

Having each request for abortion be judged on its own merits would be the one where someone asks the question "what would bring around the greatest good, this woman having abortion or not. It begins when the baby is fully formed Abortion revision notes the womb.

Some embryos are grievously handicapped. The meaning of abortion is quiet clear from its definition. Everyone, whether Catholic or not, should have a proper respect for human life. SPUC raises funds; produces advertisements and Abortion revision notes educational materials; organises protests; campaigns to change the law; writes letters to MPs; tries to discourage women from choosing abortion.

Non-religious arguments in favour A woman has the right to chose. Some Hindus say all life is considered to be sacred and come from God — therefore abortion is wrong.

Become foster parents, and look after children of parents who find it difficult to cope. It is a mistake to say that Humanist are in favour of abortion; no one can be in favour of abortion, which, except in unforeseen circumstances, is result of failed contraception.


DNA is fixed at birth - The baby's hair colour, eye colour, certain gifts and talents are all established. Aborting people because of disability is like telling disabled people that they are worthless. The law only allows abortion if….

We have no right to destroy this.

Abortion revision notes

Everyone has the right to live, not right to disallow that chance to the baby. They would refer to Bible passages such as Genesis 1: Everyone has the right to live, not right to disallow that chance to the baby. Left alone, it will develop into a person.

Other Christians feel the law is about right. They want women to be able to make choices about their own lives. Defenceless baby needs special protection since it cannot stand up for its own rights.

You cannot go against the Sanctity of Life. Catholic Truth Society greatly oppose abortion, they give their reason as: All life has value, Christian Teaching Roman Catholics and some Evangelical Christians believe that life begins at conception so abortion is murder and a serious sin.

Baby likely to be deformed and mother feels she can not cope. They do not condemn someone who has an abortion, but would help a woman get through it, come to terms with it, and move forward.

The rights of the unborn child are equal to those of her mother. They would refer to Bible passages such as Genesis 1: Everyone has the right to be born so they can reach their full potential. In medical terms, a miscarriage is a form of abortion, but a miscarriage happens naturally and without the mother knowing.

God has given the gift of life, and humans cannot be allowed to take this away, we cannot prevent the foetus from living, only God has the right to take life away. Join a pro-choice organisation. Some say it is always wrong. Some Christians, such as Liberal Christians, believe that abortion in certain circumstances may be the kindest and most loving action.

Doctors in abortion clinics will allow women to have an abortion under any circumstances if that is their choice, and the conditions above are vague enough to allow this to happen.

If she thinks it's religiously wrong then it's between her and God but she should have a choice to make a valid decision at the spur of time. Where the pregnancy is the result of rape, the abortion may be necessary for the recovery of the victim… Termination of pregnancy may be the right course because of the social circumstances of the existing family, or the mental or physical health of the mother.

Abortion can be defined as: Doctors and nurses promised to save life, not destroy it.


Catholics in particular stress that "God created man in his own image", so we should consider it sacred. Pray about the problem of abortion. According to UK law, abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks if there is a risk to the health of the woman or to any existing children.

It is allowed up to birth if there is a risk to the woman’s life (or of serious harm) or if the child will be born with a severe disability. 24 weeks is known as viability.

This is when a foetus can survive outside the womb. Religious Studies AQA’A’ Unit 2 ‘Christianity: Ethics’ Revision Notes. hazemagmaroc.com Right to Life Abortion The deliberate termination (ending) of a pregnancy, usually before the foetus is twenty-four weeks old.

Absolute morality What is morally right & wrong applies to all circumstances. Students tell me how they could link the irrelevant statements to abortion.

5. Write a conclusion to the question referencing targets set at the beginning é peer assessment. This is a worksheet for revision purposes to help students revise the Christian arguments surrounding both abortion and euthanasia. Abortion and euthanasia are the most controversial topics faced by the world today, people hold different views about them some are in favour whilst some are against it.

Abortion is the removal of the foetus from the womb of a pregnant mother to end pregnancy. In medical terms, a miscarriage is a form of abortion, but a miscarriage happens naturally and .

Abortion revision notes
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